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Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: Kingfisher - On the River Ian Edwards

Kingfisher - On the River


Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: Flowing Waters Ian Edwards

Flowing Waters


Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: On Alert, Stoat Ian Edwards

On Alert, Stoat


Born in 1974, Ian Edwards was raised in the countryside and developed lasting love of nature and wildlife which is evident in his sculpture. He says he never studied art at school and was not academically gifted but  he served a five year apprenticeship at the world renowned G&H Studios where he discovered his interest in portraying the three dimensional form. From here he realised that he had a natural ability and desire to make sculpture, concentrating initially on animal and wildlife subjects.

Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: Summertime Ian Edwards


His animal bronzes emphasise the form and movement, rather than fine detail, spending many hours studying his subjects, with the result that each piece may be anatomically correct, capturing the true behaviour and movement of the subject, and as well as being an expert sculptor and wood carver he is conversant with patination techniques, so that the colouring of the metal is applied by the artist, giving a rich range of colours and lending individuality to each piece.
Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: Shallow Waters Ian Edwards

Shallow Waters


More recently, Ian has been drawn towards the human form, applying his skills to create work that "comes from inside", expressing the artist's own emotions and inner turmoil: " I see my sculptures as a source of inspiration, a reminder of that which is real inside yourself"
Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: Deep Waters Ian Edwards

Deep Waters

His work has been exhibited widely both with private galleries as well as public exhibitions and he has achieved popularity with collectors throughout Europe, America and the Middle East.