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Artist: Kathy Prest; Painting: Grace Kathy Prest


Bronze edition 2/20

After studying ballet and contemporary dance, Kathy became increasingly interested in the movement of the human body, and began to understand more about anatomy. This inspired her to create sculptures using the enigmatic body of a dancer as it becomes simplified when caught in a moment of time, even when twisted in a complex shape it still expresses the joy in the spirit and beauty of the human figure. Kathy training as a sculptor included traditional classical study of the nude model. With this essential knowledge in hand, the figure can then be confidently created and abstracted to an individual style.

Artist: Kathy Prest; Painting: Ecstasy of the Spirit Kathy Prest

Ecstasy of the Spirit

Edition 1/15

Artist: Kathy Prest; Painting: Star Kathy Prest


47 x 10 x 13 cm

Artist: Kathy Prest; Painting: Day Tripper Kathy Prest

Day Tripper

Bronze or bronze resin
46 x 44 x 12 cm

Artist: Kathy Prest; Painting: Linette Kathy Prest


61 x 38 x 23 cm

Artist: Kathy Prest; Painting: Amy Kathy Prest


30 x 40 x 104 cm


2007 Federation of British Artists
2005 Mayfair Properties, London
2004 Private bronze commission, London
2001 Private Commission, Bedfordshire
1999 Intuitive Systems Ltd, Hertfordshire


20/21 International Art Fair, Royal College of Art
SWA, Mall Galleries, London
Art Movement, Christies, London
Northern Art Show, Harrogate
FPS Society, Bankside Gallery, London
Mandells Gallery, Norwich
Art London, Chelsea
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

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