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Rosemary Cook at work in her studio

Rosemary Cook's sculptures are cast as limited editions in bronze resin , with a smaller edition available to order in bronze.

Prices for the bronze resin works start from around £500.


Details of individual pieces will be supplied on request:
just click on the image and send the enquiry form.

Born Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1952, Rosemary Cook trained as a conservator and restorer of the decorative arts. In 1987 she qualified from Lincoln College of Art and Design in Restoration and Conservation, with a distinction in Decorative Surfaces. Work experience in this field includes the Royal Academy's private collection of sculpture for the opening of the Sackler Galleries; terracotta work at Sutton Place, Surrey; painted surfaces at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton; alabaster and limestone monuments at All Souls College Chapel, Oxford.

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Dash, Springer Spaniel
Rosemary Cook

Dash, Springer Spaniel

Bronze resin
28 x 14 x 18 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Treacle Rosemary Cook


Bronze resin
15 x 10 x 9 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: That's a good question. Labrador Rosemary Cook

That's a good question. Labrador

Bronze or bronze resin
8 x 20 x 7 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Saxon, Labrador<br>lifesize Rosemary Cook

Saxon, Labrador

Bronze or bronze resin
33 x 20 x 18 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Polly, Cocker Spaniel Rosemary Cook

Polly, Cocker Spaniel

Bronze resin
18 x 15 x 11 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Cromarty, Border Terrier Rosemary Cook

Cromarty, Border Terrier

Bronze resin
18 x 11 x 9 inches

Rosemary Cook became a professional sculptor in 1992, translating the skills used in restoration into her sculpture of animals and people. During her early training she had studied works of art in the classical tradition but as she went on to develop her own style she found greater inspiration in the more expressive and impressionist sculptors.

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Ben, English Bull Terrier Rosemary Cook

Ben, English Bull Terrier

Bronze resin
12 x 8 x 9 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Bodger & Bill, English Bull Terriers Rosemary Cook

Bodger & Bill, English Bull Terriers

Bronze or bronze resin

In a departure from the tradition of the earlier animalier sculptors, her works are not mere representations of the animals that slavishly capture every detail of anatomy and proportion. Instead of this Rosemary developed a more relaxed modelling technique. She decided that her art was in conveying the inner workings of her subjects: her aim is to capture the immediate spark of energy, an expression, the attitude and movement of the piece so that she communicates the true spirit of the subject to the viewer.
Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Hettie, Labradoodle Puppy Rosemary Cook

Hettie, Labradoodle Puppy

Bronze or bronze resin
12 x 8 x 9 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Nutmeg, Setter Rosemary Cook

Nutmeg, Setter

Bronze or bronze resin
21 x 39 x 23 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Bonnie, Spaniel Rosemary Cook

Bonnie, Spaniel

Bronze resin
10 x 5 x 12 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Teal, Labrador Rosemary Cook

Teal, Labrador

Bronze or bronze resin
8 x 6 x 5 inches

With her unique ability to understand and convey the character of her subjects her work grew in popularity. In 1996 she began to achieve recognition and international acclaim for her highly innovative and original style of working. She was commissioned to cast several pieces in bronze by the Carl Schlosberg Gallery in Los Angeles and the Polak Gallery in London. With galleries representing her work in London and in America, she has been able to uncover a much wider audience, with her works sought be collectors in all parts of the world. Her sculptures feature in a number of notable collections in the UK, New Zealand, the West Indies and the United States.
Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Smudge, Schnauzer Rosemary Cook

Smudge, Schnauzer

Bronze or bronze resin
19 x 13 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Rusty, Airedale Rosemary Cook

Rusty, Airedale

Bronze or bronze resin
10 x 8 x 5 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Pluto, Bassett Rosemary Cook

Pluto, Bassett

Height 13 inches.

Most of the works shown are described as bronze or bronze resin and can be ordered in either medium. Rosemary usually prduces an edition of between 25 and 35 pieces in resin and a smaller edition in bronze. The resin has the advantage of being cheaper to produce and makes her work accessible to a larger audience than it would if she only cast the pieces in bronze.
Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Leopold, Great Dane Rosemary Cook

Leopold, Great Dane

13 x 12 x 9 inches

Artist: Rosemary Cook; Painting: Brief Encounter<br>
Terrier & Labrador Rosemary Cook

Brief Encounter
Terrier & Labrador

Bronze resin
6 x 22 x 5 inches

Rosemary Cook
Solo and group exhibitions:


Carl Schlosberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles (February 1997), a mixed exhibition including works by
Renoir, Henry Moore, Willem de Kooning, Anthony Caro, David Hockney and Picasso
Polak Gallery, St James's , London (May 1997),
Carl Schlosberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles (February 1998)
Arthur Andersen & Co (September 1998),
Frank T. Sabin Gallery, London (November 2000),
Woburn Abbey, Sculpture under English Skies, Frank T Sabin Gallery (Summer 2002)
Carl Schlosberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles (February 2002)
Haley & Steele, Boston, USA (2003 & 2004).
Haley & Steele, Palm Beach, Fl. USA (2004)
Stephen Jack Fine Arts, London, 2002 -

Works on Public Display

Well Manor, Norfolk
Nelson Hotel, Norwich
Battersea Dogs‘ Home
Early Learning Centre
The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (William Gysell memorial), Buffalo, New York