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Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: My Favourite Decanter Tim Gustard

My Favourite Decanter

30 x 24 cms

Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: Mmmm...yes,please Tim Gustard

Mmmm...yes, please

10½ x 8 inches

Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: Conkered Tim Gustard


13 x 20 cm

Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: Avec Crème Tim Gustard

Avec Crème

13 x 19 cm ( 5¼ x 7½ inches)

Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: Sharrow Bay Truffles Tim Gustard

Sharrow Bay Truffles

33 x 23 cm

Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: The Man Who Paints Olives Tim Gustard

The Man Who Paints Olives

24 x 19 cm


Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: Decanted with Olives Tim Gustard

Decanted with Olives

26 x 22 cm


Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: ''..and Finally'' Tim Gustard

''..and Finally''

23 x 32 cm

Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: Olives & Oil Tim Gustard

Olives & Oil

13 x 19 cm (5¼ x 7½ inches)


Tim Gustard is a master of illusion. He provides us with insights into his personal world and appeals to our senses: vintage Moet, fruits, cheese, chocolates, together with exquisite examples of fine glass, silver and porcelain.

His works are mostly small and highly detailed. He selects carefully considered arrangements of objects and sets about creating their textures, reflections and shimmering surfaces. Although we can see the influence of Chardin and the early Dutch masters on his art, his style is highly distinctive and very much his own.


Having trained at art school in the 1970's, Tim's career started to take off about 20 years ago, almost by accident.

He was not naturally drawn to still life subjects; indeed it was something he resisted. Then one day his wife requested a painting and presented him with fruits and other items that she felt would make a good painting. He struggled at first but was surprised to discover a great satisfaction as he experienced the work taking shape.


This was the turning point. He immersed himself completely in the genre and his work was accepted for exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy, the Royal Glasgow Institute, the Royal Scottish Society of Watercolour Painters. He also became a member of the Miniature Art Society of Florida.

Artist: Tim Gustard; Painting: The olive painter Tim Gustard

The olive painter

24 x 19 cm

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